FSI E-Commerce Module

The FSI E-Commerce module is composed of the following:

Weekly Average Forecaster:

The Weekly Average Forecaster uses a rolling weekly average of item unit sales—the same methodology used in store retail forecasting systems—to provide an alternative, but complementary, planning environment for web selling. These forecasts are completely integrated, along with catalog forecasts, into a single consolidated buy plan for each SKU; a cataloger with a website thus makes one integrated buy for all catalogs and websites.

Event Manager:

The second part of the FSI E-Commerce module, the Event Manager, allows for a web item to be taken “on” or “off” the website for a specified period—a common strategy in web marketing. It also allows for the scheduling of special web selling events—a home page promotion, an email ad, or a time-sensitive display ad on AOL or YAHOO, for example—along with a “boost” factor to increase weekly average forecast just for the life of the ad.