• Channel Specific Forecasting Catalog / Web for improved forecast accuracy
  • Exception based reporting and sku management for increased productivity
  • Optimized order flow to increase inventory turn and reduce backorders and overstocks

  • Same Great Product Features
  • No Hardware or Software to Install
  • Low Monthly Subscription fee

Perfect for Companies with

  • 5 or less users in Inventory Management
  • Limited or no onsite IT department

IF/SO Features

Inventory Forecasting and Stock Optimizing Software

The software accomplishes six simultaneous missions:

  • Forecasting demand by item/SKU
  • Reducing Backorders
  • Minimizing Overstocks
  • Suggesting Purchases
  • Maximizing Turns
  • Increasing Profitability

Some of these missions can be accomplished in isolation without advanced technology, but doing all six in a manner that is optimal for customers and the business is a complex, specialized task requiring dedicated software and industrial strength computing power.

Product Features

  • Initial Forecast by Item or Category
  • Dynamic query of sales history
  • Consolidate Demand from all Offers
  • Incorporate custom forecasting formulas
  • Automatic Returns Forecasting
  • Item Selling Response Curves
  • Staged Purchase Plan
  • Forecast Control: Item vs. Offer
  • Exception Based Reforecasting
  • Forecast Error Analysis
  • Stock Level Diagnostics
  • Top Down Category Planning
  • Management Level Summaries
  • Automated Kit (Bundle) Management
  • E-Commerce Capability